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Troton Sp. z o.o.

Ząbrowo 14A
78-120 Gościno

tel./fax +48 94 35 126 22
e-mail: troton@troton.com.pl

Professional car detailing supplies - Troton

More than 35 years of experience, during which constant improvements and innovations were introduced, makes Troton one of the leading clear coat spray paint, automotive body filler as well as polishing compound manufacturer and supplier currently on the market.

The offer consists of professional car detailing supplies appreciated by experts around the world. The Master line includes automotive body refinishing products (fillers, primers, clear coats spray, etc.) while the Brayt polishing system offers compounds, protect liquids as well as all the necessary equipment: foams, microfiber cloth and aprons, backing plates or lambswool.

Every professional garage looking for quality car detailing solutions will also find a wide range of additional products and accessories, such as tapes, foams, working clothing and many more.